Week 5 Post 2: Target Audience for Crafting Melodies Brewery

This blog is being made in order to consider what target audience will be explored when starting the fictitious business, Crafting Melodies brewery.The target audience for this business will be people who enjoy music due to the live performances the company will have. Artists who would like the opportunity to get more known or would like practice performing on a stage. Fans of the artist who will be given the opportunity to perform at the brewery. Any one 21 + that enjoys craft beers. People who enjoy a variety of different beers in tap. Millennials who want a place to hang out with friends. My demographic will most like be males because according to the article "Shifting Demographics Among Craft Drinkers", they are the ones that tend to drink the most consistently throughout the years. Although the same article states that data from a 2015 Harris poll found that most craft drinkers are white, I will try to keep it as diverse as possible by having different kinds of music to…

Week 5 Post 1: Subway and Hungry Bear

On week 5 we used website design to compare two similar businesses in order to find differences in their target audience.Subway:    The moment you open their website Subway greets you with their current promotion "IT'S FOOTLONG SEASON". The website is very organized and is easy to navigate, you can also see the color scheme they went for was their company colors, yellow and green. At the moment it is very apparent that the target demographic they are going for is all the football lovers. The reason I believe this is because Subway website has a poster also stating they are "The official sandwich sponsor of the NFL" after their first add. They also want to appeal to citizens who want to support a business that started in the USA. On their about us page they start by showing a caption saying, they "started small in the USA". They also seem to want to appeal to environmentalist by adding a link on how they as a company is currently "Making Change&q…

Week 3 Part B: Developing Crafting Melodies brewery

After our previous blog, I decided that I wanted my fictitious business to be a brewery. I decided on this business because I believe brewing different types of beers with different ingredients is an art form which takes practice to perfect. I have also gone to many different breweries, so you could say I know my competition well. I have not put too much thought into this business, so this is going to be a brainstorm of sorts.Let us begin with what will make my brewery different from others. I would love the focus of my brewery to not only be the amazingly crafted IPAs or stouts that we offer but music to be equally important as well. I want this brewery to showcase upcoming local artist that would like a platform to express or improve their talent. I know some breweries that currently use music as well; however, they use it more as an event that only happens on select days. I do not want the music to be sidelined to the crafted beer, instead I would make sure there would be a perform…

Week 3 Part A: What makes a good website?

Needs some improvement. The websites are and, although they did a great job when it comes to creating a physical site there was a couple of things that could be improved. A lot of different aspects go into a good website; however, these sites failed to deliver their customers exceptional contrast, alignment and hierarchy.
Contrast is important in a website because it will guide customers and visitors eyes through your website. PennyJuice needs to improve their contrast because they use a lot of different colors and your eyes do not quite know what to look at. Roverp6Cars also needs to improve contrast when creating their site because the font color and background image for their navigation was not compatible. 
Contrast was not the only thing that could use improvement in their website, they also needed to worry about their alignment. PennyJuice did a good job about alignment when it came to their information; however, they did not keep this same thinking th…

Week 2 Part B: Brewery Business Research

Black Plague Brewing

Black Plague Brewing is a local brewery located in Oceanside, CA. Founded in 2015 by Jordan Hoffart and Jarred Doss they first opened their doors in June 2017; they are the newest brewery business on this list. Black Plague Brewing's vision is to bring "misfits...rule-breakers...nonconformist...and people who follow their true passion" together over delicious beer.
Black Plague uses the following social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Instagram and Youtube.

Belching Beaver Brewery

Belching Beaver is another local brewery; however, unlike Black Plague they have more than one location. Established in 2012 by Thomas Vogel, Dave Mobley, and brewmaster Troy Smith, this business began with a milk stout and slowly progressed into creating different products such as IPA's. All their locations are kid and dog friendly.
Belching Beaver uses the following social media accounts Facebook, Twitter a…

Week 2 Part A: Complaints and Praise through Comments

Over the years social media has changed not only in platforms but also its role in business. Social Media has made it easier for businesses to get noticed and to solve problems. For example, Twitter is a social media site that allows people or business to post mini comments about their day or one another. When used correctly it can benefit your business by giving you free publicity/advertising but when used incorrectly you can end up with a lot of unhappy customers publicly shunning your business. Businesses have now begun to use it to actively listen for complaints and respond accordingly to people who have made comments about the business directly and in real time. Being able to comment directly to a customer makes it easier for the company to get noticed because how they handle the complaint in front of others could determine how people see them in the future. In the past people would need to either physically go to the business or call the businesses corporation to communicate a c…

Week1 PartB: Blog Comments

I chose to comment on the blogs of Casey Judge, Julia Palomo and Marla Caprow from my group.