Week 16: Wrapping It Up

       Before taking this class, I viewed social media as a way for people to freely expose private information of themselves with no real benefit from coming from having one. After taking this class I have come to learn there are definitely different ways to benefit from having a social media page, such as Facebook or Instagram, if you have a business.      The social media I believe any business should currently have has to be a Facebook. The reason I say this is because of the tools Facebook freely provides to any business that has a profile with them not to mention it being more established than any other social media website. Facebook allows businesses to target and engage their audience better than any websites with Facebook Insights which can track what posts people are clicking on and viewing. Then there is the fact that Facebook is established and has billions of users which will allow business to reach people they would not be able to reach had it been in another website.

Week 15: My Marketing Strategy

The social media platforms that integrated best with the business I created, Crafting Melodies Brewery, were Facebook and Instagram. The reason Facebook was one of the best was because of the tools they provide business, such as the Audience insight and Analytics tools. The Audience insight tools allow business to learn more about their customers by what posts they interact with and which ones they pass by, allowing business to be able to cater better to their audience. There is also the Analytics tools that allow you to look through the data that your page has collected such as the traffic you are bringing in on a daylit basis allowing business to be more in the know of what weeks or months brought more people to their Facebook page. Instagram was also a social media platform that worked well with my business because I was able to be more personable with the posts, I created opposed to having them be strictly about business events. Throughout the semester the social media site I enj

Week 14 : Learning from Social Media Analytics

Two features that would be the most beneficial for my business would have to be the Track your Goals and Audience report features. The reason Track your Goals feature would benefit my business is because I would be able to track each time a user completes a desired goal such as RSVP for a event I am holding or when a specific beer gets viewed more than others. The audience reports feature would help me understand the audience I am attracting and be able to intrigue that audience though direct advertising of events. My Facebook page does not have enough likes so I decided to review what is found from looking at the Facebook analytics for Aztec brewing company. This data is for November 2020 and we can see the posts engagements and page likes by people who are viewing your page. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 there is a drop in people reached due to Aztec brewing company having to be closed. We can also see most people are viewing this brewery through their phones and not on their compute

Week 13 Part A: Online Advertising - Analysis of the Marketplace

     I only use Facebook for our current project so I personally do not see the ads all too often on their; however, I do use YouTube constantly to watch videos and they just recently added multiple ads to their platform. Usually when it comes to any ads what draws me in is whether or not it applies to anything I am currently focusing on. For example I remember looking into financial stability videos and seeing an ad that had to do with a course on how to start a business. I actually remember staying and watching the whole video although I did not take the classes they offered. I have noticed I generally do not get caught in to many ad videos unless they start with a "call to action" in improving one self either than that I do feel like all the ads are annoying and keep me from finishing the task or video I am on.     Then there is traditional ads such as the ones you see on newspapers, magazines billboards, etc. I personally feel that social media ads are way more effective

Week 12: Business Specific Online Tools

 An additional marketing tool that could help my business grow would be Twitter because I could use it to connect with my customers. I could integrate twitter into my business model by using it as a way to show the different craft beers that will be coming to Crafting Melodies brewery. Twitter could also be used to show new events that will be coming to the brewery as well.

Week 10: Email Marketing

 This is my first time using a email newsletter so it was nice to read up on how to be effective when sending one out. I believe in order to be effective when sending one out from my business I should focus on only sending one once a week. The information my newsletter could provide would be mostly be sales but I could also use them to educate my customers on what goes into making a good crafted beer. Ideas for Newsletter: Promote new local music since I would want to support local artists. Promote new beers that are joining our menu in order to keep our customers guessing. Refer a Friend and get a Sticker to try to get more people to join the newsletter. Events that are going to be taking place for holidays to get more people to come spend the holidays with us. Frequently asked questions and feedback so our customers have all their questions answered and are able to give us advice on what they would like to see. Blogs I Commented on: Bertha Alvarez - Rad Math Tutoring Kelly Zimbelmann

Week 9 Part 1: Human Interest

 Writing a Blog post with human interest can appeal to peoples emotions through the experiences they share. Adding a personal touch to a post on a blog makes sense when you are trying to connect to your audience and share more than a post with them, an emotion. Adding this emotional touch will cause your audience to feel more connected to your page compared to other pages. Continuing to share these personal experiences with your audience will guarantee you a fan base that is growing with your emotions. A personal touch should not be added to a post if you are just trying to make money, do not tap into others emotions because you would like to be noticed.